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3 Warning Signs Your Garage Door Needs Inspection

The garage door can sometimes be an overlooked part of any property, but when you think that is often the first level of protection for our vehicles, bikes, tools, and sometimes, even cherished memories tucked away in boxes, then having a garage door that works, is secure and weatherproof is crucial.

Even the most dependable garage door needs a checkup every now and then. Left unchecked, minor issues can snowball into security risks, safety hazards, and even costly repairs. Just because the issue has been there for some time or you can “get away with it” does not mean that there is nothing wrong, the problem could get worse with use and therefore end up costing you a lot of money going forward.

So, how do you know when your trusty garage door is yearning for some TLC?

Here are four warning signs that should prompt you to schedule a garage door inspection:

  1. Struggling To Open Or Close

If you are struggling to open or close your garage door and you can see things are getting worse as time goes on, then this is one of the key signs you need to get things checked out. If it jerks, shudders, and seems a struggle to lift evenly on both sides then this uneven movement could indicate problems with the springs, cables, or rollers. If the door is not closing correctly in terms of fit, or you are really having to put all your strength into opening or closing, then this means the door needs looking at, as a working garage door should be very easy to open and close and require little to no effort.

  1. Unusual Noises

Does your garage make grinding, screeching, or squeaking noises? This is a telltale sign that the tracks, rollers, or hinges need lubrication or there is an underlying issue that is causing the door to catch or not operate correctly.  While this might seem like a minor issue, neglecting it can lead to premature wear and tear on essential components and cause further issues as time goes on.  A quick inspection and lubrication by a garage door professional can keep your door operating smoothly and quietly, or if it needs a bit more work in terms of alignment, it can still save you money before the damage becomes severe and costly.

  1. Cracks Or Damage

Cracks, whether minor or major are a very obviously sign that the garage door has suffered damage and needs looking at. Cracks in the garage door or the frame of the door will get worse as time goes on, as the wet weather followed by cold weather will slowly make this damage worse to the point that the door could need replacing. A cracked or damaged garage door will not be as secure and, over time, will get worse in terms of protecting your garage, so by making sure you get any cracks or damage checked ASAP could prevent a hefty repair bill later down the line.

Keeping Your Garage Door In Great Shape

Keeping your garage door in tip-top condition not only protects your belongings but also provides peace of mind and will often avoid potentially large repair or replacement bills later down the line. So, don’t wait for a major malfunction and schedule an inspection today with a local garage door specialist and keep your garage door performing to the optimum level.