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5 Key Questions To Ask Your Local Garage Door Company When Buying A New Garage Door

Getting a new garage door is often a considerable investment or purchase for any homeowner, and whilst it is not always top of the priority list, when the time comes that you need a new door or the old one is just no longer fit for purpose, the focus then shifts to finding the right garage door company for the job. 

Whether you choose a local, independent garage door company or a national brand, the questions you need to consider remain the same, so we have put together 5 key questions you should be asking before you sign on the dotted line for your new garage door. 

What’s Right For Me? 

So, you know you need a garage door and you probably know what colour is going to work, but do you really know the best type of garage door for your home? It is really too easy to assume you just want the same old, or something your neighbour has, but any reputable garage door company will insist on a site visit first to make sure that what you want, you can have, or if there is something more suitable for you. 

With so many types of garage doors and of course manual and automatic options, getting the right advice from the right people is crucial, as if they can offer something more suitable or at least take you through a range of options, you should end up with something that is perfect for your property and might even save you a few pounds as well.  

What Is The Process? 

You need to know what the process is when it comes to choosing the garage door through to having it installed. 

Will they be doing another site visit? Will they then send you a proposal with full information about price, type and other questions you may need answered? 

Understanding the full process from the initial meeting through to installation and then ongoing future is so crucial, and you can learn a lot about any garage door company by asking this question. The really good ones will have this nailed down and will tell you step by step what happens next, and the more informed you are about the whole process, the better judgment you can make when it comes to choosing the right firm to supply and install your new garage door.  

How Long Will It Take? 

Whilst there is a chance your garage door could be in stock and ready to be installed quickly, most garage doors are often made to the exact measurements for the customer, which means that there will often be a delay from the moment you to agree the quote to the day it is installed and ready to be used. 

This means it is important for you to understand just how long it is going to take and when you can expect for the garage door to arrive and then be installed, as this will allow for you to make sure the garage door installers have all the room they need and that you are home to allow them to get on with the job; otherwise you might end up waiting even longer if you have to cancel the appointment at the last minute because you forgot they were coming.  

Is There A Warranty? 

Like anything you have installed in your home, you want to understand just how well you will be protected, not only by the garage door manufacturer but also by the suppliers of the garage door, as normally they will also offer a product warranty on top of any assurances the garage door company will offer. 

Whilst you hope you will never need to call them out to fix any issues, or even worse need a new door if that one breaks or is faulty, understanding just what you are covered for, and sometimes not for, is vital for your peace of mind and to help you to choose the right company that are going to look after you if there are issues later down the line. 

Why Should I Choose You? 

Probably one of the questions every customer should ask, but very often never do. Any company you ask this question should be able to offer a range of real customer reviews and testimonials from previous jobs along with previously complete photos of installations, which should play a role when it comes to making your final decision. If you are just choosing by price then this is the ultimate mistake, because if you find the right company with hundreds of happy customers and a record of installations to be proud of, it could be worth paying a little bit more to get the job done right. 

Check their reviews, check out their previous projects and ask your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues who they would recommend, as people LOVE recommending the good companies and telling you to avoid the bad, but you should also ask this question directly as if they want your business, they will give you the reasons to use and trust them. Are they accredited? Do they work with major brands who back their work and do the people in your local area tend to use them?