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5 Reasons Why Garage Door Installation Should Be Left To The Professionals

When it comes to your new garage door, it can be tempting to try and save a few pounds by fitting it yourself, but in reality, that could become a costly mistake that ends up costing you far more money to put right!

For some people fitting a new garage door would be something that would pose no issues, for the majority of us, having a go at garage door installation DIY is simply going to cause more problems. You have just invested in a brand-new door, which would not have been cheap if you wanted quality, and then it could all go horribly wrong when it comes to fitting it yourself.

Here are our five reasons (but there are many more!) why it makes sense that when it comes to installing and fitting a new garage door, it really is best left to a professional garage door installation company.

Out With The Old

If you are replacing a like for like garage door, then removing the old one ready for the new might not be a massive issue, but if you were replacing an up and over garage door with a sectional door for example, you would also need to remove the wall and ceiling fixings so that the components for the new garage door can be installed. This where an expert knows what to do, can prep the work that needs to be undertaken well in advance, but above all, can help to ensure that the old garage door is removed correctly and the garage is ready for the new one, as quite often, this has its challenges that an expert can quickly overcome.

Measuring Up

Accuracy of measuring is not just important, it is crucial so that your new garage door fits the garage opening correctly, otherwise you run the risk of the door not working correctly, or rain and wind blowing through your garage for years to come. Older garages can often pose a real issue here, as their gradients and measurements can often require special solutions that an expert garage installation professional would understand. A specialist installation company will understand the issues posed when it comes to measuring up and will be able to deliver these measurements to a high level of accuracy, which means that the garage door will fit correctly, work correctly and stand the test of time.

The Materials

A few screws, one drill and a bit of good luck is all it takes, right? This could not be further from the truth as when you use the experts, they will have the right screws, wall plugs, fittings and equipment, including drill bits that suit the wall type and they can select what they need well in advance. Just thinking you have the right equipment is not enough, as when your new garage door arrives and you try to fit it yourself, finding out that you need a particular screw or drill bit might cause delays, or if you go ahead and use something unsuitable, then this could cause major issues down the line. The professionals have the right kit, which is just another reason why installation is definitely best left to them.


Automatic doors, as they become more affordable are becoming more popular, and as such fitting such doors becomes even more complicated. The operating systems and parts need to be considered long before you come to fitting the door, as these aspects really do need to be thought about as they will often affect the installation and how you go about it. A professional garage door installer will have done this time and time again, and will know what needs to be prepared, but more so, will be able to fit the door correctly so that it actually works. It is important that not only are the parts the correct ones for your door, but that they are fitted to work safely, as mistakes here could prove to be unfortunate later down the line.

The Final Goodbye

When you dispose of a garage door, it is not something you can put in the back of your car or leave on the side of the road for the refuse collection to pop along on Friday to collect, in fact, even the larger disposal services operated by local councils would probably not be able to pick up a garage door. Therefore, another reason to use the a professional is that they will take away the old garage door and dispose of it in the correct manner. They can carry such items and dispose of them correctly, otherwise this would be another cost if you were to do it yourself.

So, if you need a new garage door fitting, hopefully this article has explained just why it is so important to let the professionals do their job, as if you want it done properly, correctly and safely, it really is your only option.