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A New Garage Door And The Value Of Your Home When Selling

A garage for many people is just a place to store things, from the old kids toys that you know you don’t want but are holding onto … just in case, through to your car that for some people is still a use for a garage, even though only a small percentage of people now actually require a garage for that purpose.

In fact, the way we use our garage has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The older cars that were not as weather hardy needed to be stored away to prevent rust and damage, which is why if we look back many years the majority of people used their garages to store their cars when not being used. But fast forward to today, only a very small percentage of garages now house cars, with many more now being used for storage as we mention, or as offices, gyms, playrooms and even extra bedrooms.

The fact that cars are more resistant to weather and climate means that there is no longer that desperate need to protect your car from the elements, which has freed up all this extra space that you are free to use as you wish. Whether that is for enjoyment, convenience or just simple storage, your garage can now be used for your requirements, but, the need for a decent garage door has never been as important.

A new garage door offers a wide range of benefits. From the extra security it provides through to the extra warmth that a new, insulated garage door can give to your home. Investing in a new garage door is a sensible decision, and did you know it will also increase the value of your property? Yes, that is correct. A new garage door often increases the price of your property, which means that if you are looking for cost effective ways of adding value to your home, a new garage door is a very sensible investment.

From a buyer’s perspective, seeing a brand-new garage door on a property means that the owners take pride and care in their home, and this inspires confidence in the rest of the property. We have all looked at properties that need work doing to them, and in your head you are constantly thinking about how much the work will cost and therefore how much you need to try and reduce the asking price by. The less work a property needs doing, the more you can charge in terms of realistic market pricing, as if a new owner can move in with no work to do, it immediately increases the value of the home in their minds.

When you also think about all the other factors a new garage door provides, from increased security, extra insulation and the aesthetics of the property as well, you can see why investing in a garage door for your property makes perfect sense. There are certain quick wins when it comes to selling property, and whilst a new garage door on its own does not guarantee the buyers queuing round the block to buy, it can make your home not only stand out from the rest but it can add some extra value to your property.

And of course, it can make it easier to sell, as we mention, the less work that a property needs and the better it looks, the more appealing it is to many buyers that just need to buy and move in, and that have no desire or need to work on a renovation property.