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Don’t Get Caught Out: Why Security Should Be A Key Consideration When Choosing A New Garage Door

In the UK, our garages are more than just places where we store our car, as these days they are more often used as workshops, storage spaces or an extension of our home. Yet, when it comes to security, they can often be a frequently overlooked weak spot. As many people who have suffered from break ins and thefts can testify, this can be a costly mistake, as garages are a prime target for burglars, often easier to break into than our main houses. So, before you invest in a shiny new garage door

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New Year, New Garage Door? Things To Think About To Get The Perfect Garage Door.

As we welcome in a New Year, and what we hope is a much better year, we often take this time to think about changes that we can make to our homes.  Whether that’s with a view to selling up and moving on or simply making the place we live a nicer, more attractive place to be. We see a large increase in enquiries during the early part of a New Year, primarily because customers have often been at home for a few days or weeks over Christmas and have finally had the down time to look at the things that need doing or need changing, and then set

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Buying A New Garage Door? Have You Thought About The After Sales Care?

When it comes to buying a new garage door, most people will tend to do a quick search on Google for “local garage door companies” or ask around, maybe their friends, family or even neighbours about who they would recommend. This makes finding a shortlist of potential local businesses to spend your money with the easy part, but how often have you thought about what happens after the garage door is purchased? In the UK, a garage door is an essential part of any home with a garage, as it prot

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Not Had Your Garage Door Serviced Recently? Here’s Why You Need To Book In A Service Now

Your garage door is much more than just a door to the place you store your car or more likely your possessions that you either don’t need at the moment or simply don’t have the space for inside your home. In fact, your garage door can be quite a complex piece of equipment with many moving parts and if these parts stop working, then so will your garage door.  This could mean a costly repair and you in need of finding a professional to repair it quickly! Your garage door is not just a wa

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What to Expect When Buying A Garage Door From Dean Garage Doors

With so many companies offering new garage doors, we know that the process can sometimes seem a little bit daunting when it comes to who to choose and how the whole process works. This can often result in customers delaying their purchase because they are worried or concerned about the lack of information and how the whole buying process works. Dean Garage Doors have always been 100% transparent with customers, and from the moment you make an enquiry through to the day your garage door is inst

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Why You Should Never Be Guided By Only Price When Researching For A New Garage Door

When it comes to buying a new garage door, many people are often tempted to go with the cheapest option if they have obtained 3 or 4 quotes from a range of garage door companies. However, after working in this industry for many decades, we can honestly say that the ‘savings’ may not be what they initially seem. We would always advise any customer to obtain a selection of quotes because it allows you to understand the range of products and services on offer, and the level of price difference across different companies. But choosing your n

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Looking For Quality Garage Doors In The Cotswolds? Choose Dean Garage Doors.

The Cotswolds area of England is known for its picturesque villages, rolling hills, and honey-coloured stone buildings and if you are lucky enough to call this area home, then we know that you will not only treasure where you live, but that you will want your home to look as amazing as the surrounding countryside. Keeping with the classic Cotswolds aesthetics and the look and feel of the area and surroundings, means that finding a garage door that complements the look and feel of the region is important to most homeowners in the area. Whilst

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5 Key Questions To Ask Your Local Garage Door Company When Buying A New Garage Door

Getting a new garage door is often a considerable investment or purchase for any homeowner, and whilst it is not always top of the priority list, when the time comes that you need a new door or the old one is just no longer fit for purpose, the focus then shifts to finding the right garage door company for the job.  Whether you choose a local, independent garage door company

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How To Know If Your Garage Door Needs A Service

Your garage door is an important part of your home security and safety as not only does it protect your belongings (and sometimes your car!) from the elements, a secure and working garage door will also help keep unwanted visitors out. However, like any other mechanical device, it needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly and to make sure that it does exactly what you need it to do, as when you find your garage door struggling to open on a wet, cold and dark evening, the frustration and annoyance caused will only get worse when i

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What’s The Best Type Of Garage Door To Buy?

We’re often asked “What’s the best garage door for my money”, but the answer is always different as it’s dependent on your needs, how you want to use your garage and your budget. There is no one type of garage door that will suit everyone’s requirements, tastes or budget, which is why rather than asking what is the best garage door to buy, we prefer to find out what is the best garage door to suit you, i.e. how do you want to use your garage?  Do you need extra ceiling space? Perhaps you have plans to hang a punch bag in your ne

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