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What colour is your garage door?

When you picture a garage door in your mind’s eye – what colour is it?

A white one? Maybe that’s because there are so many standard, boring and bland white PVC doors around. It’s true, you do see them absolutely everywhere, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With such a stunning range of different doors available out there, including different opening styles and different finishes, you’re sure to find the right garage door to add that extra special finishing touch to your property. White uPVC doors

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How To Keep Your Garage Door Working This Winter

Love it, hate it or feel no strong feelings either way, Winter is coming, the evenings are getting darker and it now takes longer to get the car windscreen clear before we can set off on the school run, a sure sign that we are no longer in the warmer months and a clear warning sign to get ready for the cold and wet days that are undoubtedly on their way. If you have a garage, then hopefully, you will have a garage door, which really does need your attention to make sure that it survives the winter months and more importantly, continues to op

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Why A Garage Door Is An Investment For Your Home

When we think about adding value to our homes, the obvious loft conversion, conservatory addition or complete garden rebuild are just some of the things that often come quickly to mind, but like many others, you might be missing one of the most cost effective and affordable ones – a new garage door! Of course, you need a garage, but for the sake of this blog we will assume you are here because you do have one attached to your property or in your grounds, but if your garage door is a bit old, wasting away and lets more cold air into your ho

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