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How An Insulated Garage Door Can Save You Money

For many of us, our garage is often a forgotten part of the home. Whether it is attached to the property or detached, we simply forget that it is there, after all, we place items in it, close the door and forget about it. However, even though most garages are made of a single layer of bricks, it can mean that they can become cold and damp and that can lead to problems, particularly if the garage is attached to the property. Despite this, people also use a garage to store items that require insulating such as certain types of pets or they

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Why Cheap Garage Doors Are Often A False Economy

When it comes to our homes, there is no point in cutting corners because this means that you compromise on quality. Of course, there are some things around the home that can be achieved at a lower cost but there are those that need more attention and can benefit from a higher level of quality. This is particularly true when it comes to garage doors. If you are considering a cheap garage door then you need to stop and consider why they are often a false economy. We take a look at why paying the lowest you can, might not always be the best

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Don’t Leave A Garage Door Service Too Late

Many of us are guilty of it and many of us believe that you can just leave them to do their job year after year without concern. What are we talking about? Garage doors. A garage door might look like a sheet of metal that opens and closes to many, but the reality of it is that they are much more than that. A garage door is an integral part of the security and safety of your home and your belongings. Whether it is an internal garage or an external garage, you need to make sure that your garage door does its job properly. But all it does is

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6 Reasons Why It Is Time To Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door is an important part of your home. From its looks to its security, it is more important than many realise and so, now could be the time to make a change to your garage door. There will come a time when your garage door needs replacing but these six reasons might make you think about changing your door sooner rather than later. It is Suffering From Damage A garage door can become damaged and that can mean that it doesn’t function properly. Dents can leave a garage door looking unsightly while damage t

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How To Pick The Perfect Colour For Your New Garage Door

Often, a garage door will stand out more than any other part of a property. Take a drive along a road that is filled with houses and you will often see an array of colours including red, white, green, blue and black. You will then realise just how prominent a garage door really is. Of course, choosing a colour for your new garage door is down to personal preference as you can be as creative or as conservative as you wish. However, in general, most people like to think about the colour that they choose as they understand its importance. Despi

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The Pitfalls Of Installing A Garage Door Yourself

While there are many jobs that you can do around the home yourself, there are those that you should leave to the professionals. One of those is installing a garage door. A garage door is an integral part of your property and in many instances, it can enhance the overall look and feel. It is a crucial part of your home and that is why you should rely on a professional service to install your new garage door. So what are the pitfalls of attempting to install a garage door yourself and more importantly what are the things you really need

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Is Your Garage Door Ready For Any Type Of Weather?

As we write our latest blog, the month is September and the weather is pretty mixed, with grey clouds one minute and sun the next. The weeks before however were packed full of warm, decent weather, but we of course know that the weeks ahead are going to continually get more changeable, as we head through Autumn and into the dreaded winter. Like anything that needs to be weather proof, waiting until it is too late to really know whether your garage door is going to survive another year of rain, wind, snow and freezing temperatures is never re

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How To Keep Your Garage Secure

Garages are rarely used for cars these days as we have mentioned many times on our website, with more and more property owners now using their garages as an office, gym, breakout space or simply just for extra storage. From thousands of pounds worth of tools and equipment, through to items that might only have a sentimental value, the criminal aspects know that a garage can make an easy target to get some quick rewards, especially with garages that are located slightly away from the property. And when there is an easy target, it will general

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The Key Questions To Ask When Ordering A New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door is not your average purchase and generally not a purchase you will make on a regular basis, which is why it can be confusing and sometimes daunting when it comes to starting the hunt for a new garage door and a company that can install it for you. If you are planning to fit the door on your own then this is one thing, but if you are buying from a Garage Door Supply and Installation firm in your local area, the first step of course is to find the right company for you. Some customers might like a big, national firm, w

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Repair Or Replace – Knowing What The Right Option Is For Your Garage Door

When your garage door stops working, fails to open or it is just getting more and more of a struggle to lock, it can often be hard to know whether you can get it repaired and keep it going for another year, or whether the time has finally come to say your goodbyes and get a brand new one. Like a car that is reaching the end of its days, if the garage door starts to cost you a lot of money to keep it working, including call out charges, spare parts and ongoing maintenance, then it can often be that moment of realisation that makes you decide

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