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The Most Common Mistakes When Buying A New Garage Door And How To Avoid Them

Buying a new garage door sounds easy, doesn’t it? Afterall, a garage door is just that …. a garage door. In reality, choosing, buying and investing in a new garage door is often anything but a simple choice, with so many variants, types, styles, colours and fitting considerations - choosing a new garage door is not as easy as you may well think. Even if you work in the building or construction trade, knowing every type of garage door, how suitable that type is for that property or knowing the many considerations that you must take into a

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Why The Summer Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your Garage Door

When it comes to the UK’s official Summer, the “start” date was Friday 21st of June and it is due to come to an end on the 23rd of September, but for any of us that live in the UK know that our summer rarely falls into any strict or certain date range, and we enjoy any few days of sun that we can, never knowing how long it will last and when it will come again. Even if we no longer seem to enjoy the 6 weeks of non-stop sun, high temperatures and a confident realisation that we can book a UK holiday and not spend 5

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A New Garage Door And The Value Of Your Home When Selling

A garage for many people is just a place to store things, from the old kids toys that you know you don’t want but are holding onto … just in case, through to your car that for some people is still a use for a garage, even though only a small percentage of people now actually require a garage for that purpose. In fact, the way we use our garage has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The older cars that were not as weather hardy needed to be stored away to prevent rust and damage, which is why if we look back many years the major

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Garage Doors Ross On Wye – 5 Things To Do Before Making A Decision

Deciding on buying a new garage door is often accompanied by a vast selection of choices, decisions and discussions, from the colour you want through to who you are going to choose to supply and install, which is why for people living in the local area, getting the right garage door and the right garage door company Ross on Wye can be challenging and time consuming. Decent, reliable and efficient garage doors are not cheap, as if you want something that is going to last the distance then you need to make sure that your budget is going to be

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Dean Garage Doors – Ten Reasons Why We Are Your Leading And Local Garage Doors Company

When it comes to choosing a new garage door for your home, we know that you often have plenty of choices, from buying a door and fitting it yourself, through to the many garage door companies in the area that, like us, will do the whole thing for you. Like any decision when it comes to buying a product, the choices you make can often determine not only the quality of what you buy, but also the level of satisfaction you have with the end result, as you might end up buying a garage door that you love, but the company that end up fitting it do

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Why A Local Company Is So Important When Choosing A Garage Door

Over the past few years there have been large government backed campaigns that have encouraged consumers to buy from local companies, as with the rise in online shopping and the increase in national, multi chain firms spreading across the country, local businesses can often get forgotten about. There is often a misconception that buying from a local company is going to be more expensive, or that they won’t have the same level of product range as a bigger firm, but quite often, the opposite is true, as a local, independent company can often

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Why Should You Consider An Insulated Garage Door?

When it comes to insulating your home and trying to make it as warm and energy efficient as possible, many people understand the need to invest in loft insulation and to some degree cavity wall insulation, but did you know that your garage door could also benefit from being insulated? For most people that come to us looking for a new or replacement garage door, the surprise of knowing you can even get an insulated garage doors is one thing, but also knowing that they are an incredibly affordable investment is another, as we can supply and in

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Spring Has Sprung, Have You Opened Your Garage Door?

The warmer weather is generally welcomed by everyone. With a long winter that is often full of rainy days, dark evenings, cold mornings and even the odder flutter or many feet of snow, when the warm weather comes along then we can all finally change our attention from avoiding the outside to actually enjoying it. And of course, when the warm weather comes along, we often head to the garage, open it after many months to retrieve the lawnmower, the kids bikes or the sun loungers (wishful thinking) ready to enjoy the first glimpses of the extra

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Want To Automate Your Garage Door?

When it comes to a garage door, most people are used to the manual approach where you actually open the garage door using the handle, as there can be an assumption that an automatic door is only for people with “money” and is a luxury. In fact, this could not be further from the truth, as the automation of garage doors has become more affordable over the past few years, with many garage door installation companies now offering this service at a price that many people can now afford. No longer is an automatic door an unaffordable luxury i

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Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Home

A garage door is just a garage door, right? This is something we here quite a bit, as many customers assume that a garage door is just a garage door, with just one type of door available, as that is all they have been used to or known, when in fact there are many types of garage doors on the market today, which can also come in a huge range of styles and colours as well. So when it comes to choosing a garage door, it is important to understand what is the best option for your home and property. Just because you have a certain type of g

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