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Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Home

A garage door is just a garage door, right?

This is something we here quite a bit, as many customers assume that a garage door is just a garage door, with just one type of door available, as that is all they have been used to or known, when in fact there are many types of garage doors on the market today, which can also come in a huge range of styles and colours as well.

So when it comes to choosing a garage door, it is important to understand what is the best option for your home and property.

Just because you have a certain type of garage door now, does not mean you cannot have something different, as if the type of garage door will work in your property then there is no reason why you cannot have something different, in terms of type, style and colour. Not all garage door types are suitable for every home, as space needs to be taken into consideration, as does the slope of the drive and the space for opening, and then of course it is important to understand what you plan to use the garage for, especially as only a small percentage use their garage to store their cars these days.

The following types of garage doors are the most popular in the range that we supply here at Dean Garage Doors:

Canopy Garage Doors – A popular choice for many home owners, we offer a large selection of canopy garage doors, available in many colours and material types.

Retractable Garage Doors – One of our most popular doors, offering both automatic and manual versions.

Roller Shutter Doors – Ideal for many garages, both domestic and commercial.

Sectional Garage Doors – Popular, secure and reliable, our selection of Sectional Garage Doors offer everything you could need from a garage door.

Side Hinged Garage Doors – If you have the outside room, then a side hinge door can be the perfect solution for your property and are increasingly popular amongst our customers.

The big question is, which garage door is right for you?

This is something we can answer, and is where our site surveys are so important, as we will often need to see the current garage door or the surrounding space and property type to make sure that the solution we suggest will be the right one for you.

It is at this stage we can also sit down with you and discuss the finer points, which includes the style of the door and the colour, as you are not limited to just a white, plain garage door, in fact, the colour options are often endless when it comes to choosing something new. A garage door installation professional can answer all your questions, and of course any concerns you may have, and will be able to find the right solution for your property.

So, when it comes to a garage door, there is so much more to it than you might think, so give us a call or email us today and we can utilise over 30 years’ worth of experience to deliver the perfect garage door for your home.