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Don’t Get Caught Out: Why Security Should Be A Key Consideration When Choosing A New Garage Door

In the UK, our garages are more than just places where we store our car, as these days they are more often used as workshops, storage spaces or an extension of our home. Yet, when it comes to security, they can often be a frequently overlooked weak spot.

As many people who have suffered from break ins and thefts can testify, this can be a costly mistake, as garages are a prime target for burglars, often easier to break into than our main houses. So, before you invest in a shiny new garage door, let’s take a deeper look at why security should be a priority when it comes to choosing a new garage door and should be a key factor when considering who you buy the new door from.

Why Are Garages Attractive Targets?

When you step back and think about it, your garage is a treasure trove of valuables. Cars (sometimes!), bikes, tools, garden equipment – these can all be incredibly tempting to opportunists. Research suggests that one in four homes that get burgled in the UK see their garages targeted, and it is no surprise in terms that they are generally an easier target than entering your main property.

Compared to reinforced doors and windows, many garage doors, especially older models, lack robust security features. If your front door was old and damaged you would have no hesitation in getting this replaced, but often, an old and battered garage door will be left until the point it no longer works or is literally falling off before it gets an attention or even consideration about being repaired or replaced.

If you garage is not added on to the side of your house or they are tucked away from the street, this means that garage break-ins can happen unnoticed, giving thieves more time. Even if your garage is on the same grounds as your property, if located some distance from the house then this makes the target much easier to attempt a break in.

In some cases, garages provide access to the main house, increasing the potential consequences of a break-in. With more and more garages now being an extension of the home with added internal access, if your garage is a weak spot due to your garage door, then it can lead to easy access to your house, which is of course a very bad situation for your family and their own security, let alone the possessions in your property.

The Cost of Compromise: More Than Just Money

The financial loss from a garage break-in can be significant, but the impact goes beyond replacing stolen items.

If your garage lacks adequate security, your insurance provider might raise your premiums if you make a claim for any theft or loss resulting from a break in due to poor or inadequate security. When you take out an insurance policy or renew one, you will be asked about the locks and condition of the door.  If they are not in good condition, your insurance premium will likely be more costly than necessary or may be even voided in the event of a claim

Filing police reports, replacing locks, and repairing damage can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful if you do suffer a break in, as not only do you need to sort everything out from an emotional point of view, but the stress of just having to do the basics can be just as draining and can really hit you hard. They say that break ins and burglaries are one of the most damaging things that we can go through during our lives, and that the impact of this including how we feel in terms of our own security might never go away.

Knowing your belongings are as safe as they can be due to the high security levels in your property is obviously not only a good thing for your peace of mind, but it means that you know that you have done everything you can to not only protect your property, but also offer the biggest deterrent for any potential opportunity seeking thieves.

Thieves tend to target the weakest and easiest entry points, so by making sure all your entry points into your property are highly secure is as big of a deterrent as a full-blown alarm system, and even better with having both!

A high-level secure garage door might initially seem like an added expense and that a cheaper alternative might save you some money upfront, but you really need to remember that it is an investment in your peace of mind, your belongings, and your home’s security. Saving a few pounds now might cost you far more in the future, so choose a local garage door company that supply highly secure doors.