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How Much Does A Garage Door Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions when speaking to someone for the first time about potentially replacing their current garage door or installing a new one is … roughly, how much will it cost?  This is a difficult question, but we’ll do our best to explain some pricing guidelines.

We all like to have a sense of how much things cost before we spend hours learning about a particular company, their products, service etc.  The simple answer is ‘with so many options available – it depends and prices can vary drastically’

Investing in a new garage door, probably the largest mechanically operated item in your home, you’d want to make sure you’re investing your hard-earned cash wisely!  Most people understand the importance of getting it right in the first place so as there are no regrets down the road.

Sadly, some people only focus on the initial price of the garage door, looking for the cheapest supplier which can mean sacrificing quality, warranty, aesthetics and low maintenance leading to regret.  With so many variations, prices can start anything from just a few hundred pounds for a basic up & over garage door up to thousands of pounds and this will very much depend on what kind of solution you want to your particular problem.

What is it you’re trying to solve?

  • Do you want some extra storage space in your garage where you can perhaps hang things from the ceiling?

Maybe a roller shutter might be the answer. As with most things you buy these days, there are roller shutter doors and roller shutter doors.  Prices can be as low as £895 but what are you actually getting for your money?  How long is the warranty and what would the back-up service be like if a fault were to develop?

  • Do you want to improve security?

Then a sectional door might be the answer or maybe an up & over door with 4-point locking or a roller shutter with an alarm system?

  • Would you like easier access to your garage?

You may want to nip in and out of your garage without having to throw the door completely open, perhaps you have a freezer inside or you use the garage as a laundry room or a boiler, so you want to improve insulation in the garage?  Then side-hinged garage doors might be worth considering.

  • Would you like your door automated?

None of us are getting any younger so the thought of being able to open your garage door at the touch of a button might seem appealing, would you want automation included?

There are so many variables to consider and all this before we even ask for any dimensions!  So, giving you a price before we’ve been able to find out what it is you’re trying to achieve just wouldn’t sit right with us as we’d want to manage your expectations fairly.

Prices very much depend on:

  • The type of garage door required
  • The size and quality of the garage door
  • Will the door be automated or manual?
  • The work required to install the new garage door – will extra timber or uPVC be needed?
  • Is there an old door to be removed and disposed of and where will this go? (always ask to see a waste licence)
  • How/Where the door is manufactured
  • Type and length of warranty offered

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from us when we’re asked for the price of a garage door.

Initial Conversation

Once you phone in, email us or send us a message us for the first time, we will try to call you back very quickly and ask some questions about your requirements, as this then gives us a really good idea about what it is you’re really looking for.  Yes, price is extremely important, but we are all about finding the right solution, so that we can manage expectations fairly.

Site Visit / Survey

If, after an initial conversation we think we might be able to find a good solution, we will suggest a no-obligation site visit so that we can gather the information we’d need to ensure you’d get a perfect fit.  We’d answer any questions and discuss your options.  Given our experience, it’s not just the size of the garage door opening that’s important, we also check headroom and floor levels too.  We can gauge whether it might be best to fit a new door behind the brick/blockwork or between and also how we’d finish the installation to ensure you have a professional finish.  We care about the details.

Final Quote

Once the site visit is completed, we’d then follow this up with a full written quotation to include the labour, any additional extras (if necessary) and VAT.  It is really important that a quote is fully transparent, so always make sure you use a company prepared to tell it like it is so there are no extra hidden surprises, otherwise the cost will soon mount up when you get the final bill.  Anyone giving you a rough price over the phone without all of the above really cannot be giving you an accurate idea of what you can expect to pay.

So, if you ask the question ‘how much does a garage door cost’, it’s very important for you to be able to trust a professional garage door supplier to spend their time understanding your requirements and needs, and then taking the time to do a proper survey and quotation.  Otherwise, the initial figure you are quoted at the outset could end up being nowhere near accurate enough and may even increase!