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How To Keep Your Garage Secure

Garages are rarely used for cars these days as we have mentioned many times on our website, with more and more property owners now using their garages as an office, gym, breakout space or simply just for extra storage.

From thousands of pounds worth of tools and equipment, through to items that might only have a sentimental value, the criminal aspects know that a garage can make an easy target to get some quick rewards, especially with garages that are located slightly away from the property. And when there is an easy target, it will generally gain attention, and before you know it your garage has been emptied and you are left with not only a financial impact, but an emotional one as well.

The tougher your security, the harder you make it for someone to target your property, as given 10 similar properties they will always go for the easiest ones first, as it makes sense especially with most burglaries being a quick grab and run affair these days, rather than taking everything that doesn’t move. The value is in the small items and the car keys, the items that are easy to take, easy to carry and easy to sell, things like jewellery and valuable items through to iPads and all the tech these days that presents a decent value.

So, when it comes to security, just what can you do?

Garage Door

If your garage door has stood the test of time but it is now falling to pieces and can barely just close, this is one of the quickest ways to enter your garage, as put simply, damage is not a massive concern for the criminals, they want quick entry and quick exits at all times, so smashing an easy to break door is not a deterrent. It is always worth investing in a decent and well-made garage door, assuming it is installed correctly, you can make sure your garage door looks like it is going to cause some serious trouble to even try and break open. The newer garage doors also generally have the latest in locks and security as well, making things even harder.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are pretty clever these days, as they can now be connected to real human beings that will action the alarm and alert the police if it has been going off, and even your basic alarm system can be enough of a deterrent to stop attempts at entering your property. Whether you are looking at a normal or monitored alarm system, they are more affordable these days, and once again, anything extra you can do to improve your homes security the better, as these things are all about convincing someone not to bother even trying, but if they did, to scare them off before they managed to gain any kind of access or entry.


CCTV is far more affordable than ever before, so it can be worth investigating the price of a decent home CCTV system for your property, as not only will this help protect your garage, but of course your whole property as well. Most domestic CCTV systems can now run off WIFI, which has brought the cost right down, and having CCTV on your home is not only a decent deterrent but can also make sure that if something does happen, you have some footage to give to the police for further investigations.

Window Locks

Many garages also have windows, which means that making sure windows are closed when not in use, fully locked and utilising the latest in locking security is crucial, as quite often a small little window around the side of the garage can give the access needed, ready to open the garage door from inside once the rewards have been gained and the escape is now ready.