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How To Make Your Garage Door Work More Efficiently And Last Longer

A garage with out a door is simply an empty room, and whilst most of us may not use our garages for storing our cars or vehicles anymore, it is still important that you have a working, well maintained and secure garage door to protect whatever you are storing in there.

Most of us would be in major trouble if our front door of our house got stuck or jammed and we could not get in, and likewise, at the time we need access to our garage if we cant open the door or maybe worse, close it, we are leaving ourselves open to all manner of problems. Therefore, making sure your garage door is working and well maintained is important, and we offer some advice as to how to achieve this below.

Invest In Quality

The better-quality door you buy in the first place, generally, the longer it will last, as like so many things in the life, the better quality the product is, the longer it should last. This is not always down to price, but of course the better quality doors do often cost more, but choosing the right type of door for your home from the right manufacturer and company is vital, as if you invest in quality then hopefully, you should see the benefits of this later down the line.

The mechanics and moving parts are often of a better quality and the material is often a bit stronger, which means your garage door can withstand more and survive harsher surroundings, whereas the cheap and cheerful garage doors are often not made as well and can be damaged far easier.

Regular Servicing

You service your car every year. You service your boiler every year. (Or you should!). And when it comes to a garage door, it should be no different, and whilst some services are recommended to be on a yearly basis and some every two years, making sure you get regular servicing for your garage door is the most cost effective way of keeping it working much longer, much better and far more efficiently. By making sure it is well maintained and shown a little TLC means that you can often avoid major repair bills and more importantly, that it works when you need it, as if it breaks down on a wet winters day when you desperately need to access your garage, it will not be ideal.

Speak to your local garage door specialist to see what they recommend about servicing and to discuss the costs of this, as they can advise the best maintenance and service schedule for your door.

Fix Problems Early

You notice an issue with the garage door just before the school run on a wet and windy Monday morning, and you mean to get someone out to look at it. But you don’t get the time and the problem gets worse and then every time it happens again you think to get someone out, but do not. Don’t worry if this sounds like you, as this can be any of us as life often gets in the way of minor problems until they become major ones, forcing us to do something about it. But when the problem becomes major, it often costs more to fix, if it can be fixed at all, so it’s important that if you notice a problem with the garage door that you seek expert advice and get someone to check it, as it will be far cheaper to fix a smaller problem than it would be if the problem continues to get worse over time.

Look After Your Door

It really does go without saying doesn’t it, but if you look after your door it will last longer. Slamming it shut, knocking into it, scraping things along it, jamming the key in the lock and being brutal to the handle or opening device are often things we don’t mean to do, but when in a rush it can be easy to make one of these mistakes. And over time, these little actions can all come together to cause long term and sometimes irreparable damage to the garage door, most of which could have been avoided if we had just treated it a little bit better.

Whilst the occasional knock, bang and slam is inevitable, if you always try to close the door gently, avoid getting things wedged when closing and generally just give the door a bit of respect, it really will last longer.