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Is It Worth Repairing My Garage Door? The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself.

A garage door that is just not working, doesn’t close properly, is damaged or you are just having trouble with can be a nuisance at best, but a massive security risk at worst, and if you are battling with a garage door that is just no longer working then it can be a problem that you know you need to sort, but maybe just never get round to. 

The main question that most people face when it comes to a broken or damaged garage door, is should you repair it or should you upgrade to something new, as there is a battle between keeping something working properly with continual repairs, or just upgrading to something that might cost more initially, but save you far more in the long run. 

First thing’s first – is it repairable? 

This can depend on the make of the garage door and how old it is.  If the door is an up & over with concrete weights either side for counter balancing, then this type of door is around 50+ years old so parts would be obsolete.  

Springs and cables can be replaced but which ones are required?  There are different types depending on the door size, type and manufacturer.  Do you need new roller spindles? Are the springs at the right tension? Do any parts on the door need lubricating? 

There are of course often plenty of benefits to repairing your old garage door and reasons why it can make total sense to repair. A professional garage door engineer with many years of experience and the right tools can repair a garage door in a fraction of the time it might take you.  Not only will it be done correctly but safely too, using genuine and correct parts which will also be guaranteed. 

However, there are also times when it makes more sense to replace your garage door, especially if you are continually facing uphill battles with it, or having to call out a local garage door repair company to correct any faults and keep it working correctly. 

The battle between replace or repair applies to so many things we use daily, and of course also applies to your garage door. 

Is This A Recurring Problem? 

Is this a one-off problem that has only just started and you are getting repaired for the first time, or is this something that keeps happening and you are constantly having to get it repaired or implementing a patch up job yourself? 

Like a car that has seen better days, you can end up throwing good money after bad, so if you are spending a lot of money on repairs and parts, or the garage door is just no longer fit for purpose and is causing a security risk to your home, this is the point where a replacement could be more suitable than ongoing repairs. 

The Age Of The Garage Door 

If the garage door is quite old and has honestly seen better days and you know the time is coming where you do need to think about replacing it, then really, is it worth getting it repaired just to keep it going another few months rather than just opting for a replacement?  

However, if the garage door is quite new then you need to firstly speak to your local garage door repair company and find out why you are having issues, as this could be due to incorrect fitting, a faulty part or something else, so it is a very good idea to speak to the professionals early on and see why you are having issues and get on top of them before they become serious and generally more expensive.  

If Damaged, How Badly? 

Anything that is movable or used frequently has the potential to become damaged through use or even through accidents, as we have seen garage doors that have been driven into and also garage doors that have just been incorrectly used over the years and the parts are now very badly damaged. 

Working out just how damaged the door is will allow you to work out the cost effectiveness of a repair, as if the damage is minor then a repair makes more sense, but if the damage is extensive and will cost a lot to repair and put right, it can sometimes work out more cost effective in the long run to get a new one. 

Again, this is where you need to speak to a garage door company that will assess the damage and then give you the right advice and potentially offer you a few pricing ideas about how much a repair could cost in comparison to a new door, which then gives you the right information to really make your mind up about the best way forward.  

The Make / Type Of Garage Door 

Like anything over the past few years, garage doors in terms of how they are made and who makes them has evolved, with new technology, new methods and new materials all coming together to make a quality garage door these days much more durable and cost effective than ever before. Therefore you can often save money by upgrading to the latest type of door, because you know its going to last and most will come with decent warranties now, that will cover at least some cost of the parts or repairs.  Insulation properties have also vastly improved over recent years and if you’re looking to reduce drafts or rainwater into the garage, there are options available to help with this. 

Or of course you might now decide you want a different type of garage door to the one that you have in place at the moment, which is also why you might opt for a new door rather than repair the one you have. 

No matter what you think, always speak to a local garage door company that you can trust to give you an honest appraisal about whether it is worth repairing or just replacing your garage door, as if you pick the right company, the advice they offer you could not only save you hundreds of pounds in the long run, but become a very wise investment.