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Is Your Garage Door Ready For Any Type Of Weather?

As we write our latest blog, the month is September and the weather is pretty mixed, with grey clouds one minute and sun the next. The weeks before however were packed full of warm, decent weather, but we of course know that the weeks ahead are going to continually get more changeable, as we head through Autumn and into the dreaded winter.

Like anything that needs to be weather proof, waiting until it is too late to really know whether your garage door is going to survive another year of rain, wind, snow and freezing temperatures is never really a good idea, as on a cold winters morning when you can’t get your car out of the garage as the door is jammed and broken, is never a great start to the day. Or when you discover after not using your garage for a week that the seals no longer seal, and you have a load of puddles on your garage floor and your cardboard boxes are now soaking wet.

Garage doors take a beating in the UK. From the days when we do get record breaking heatwaves through to the weeks or sometimes months of nonstop rain, wind and the following freezing weather and dare we say it, snow – your garage door really does have to put up with a lot over the course of a year, let alone 10.

You might have noticed that your garage door is a nightmare to open on particularly bad weather days or that you struggle to close it at certain times throughout the days that are hot and muggy. Or you might have found that it is really tough to lock the door after a spell of really cold weather. If the weather is freezing and you simply can’t open the door, or after a period of really intensely wet weather your automatic door is no longer automatic and is refusing to open and close. All of these events and more are happening because your garage door is basically telling you it needs some help and TLC.

Weather can be a major issue for garage doors, especially those that are getting on a bit and are well worn, tired and a bit battered and bruised from all the work and use they have experienced. You have to bear in mind that a garage door is a moving object, and therefore either manual or automatic doors still have moving parts and operating systems that if not looked after, serviced and maintained will slowly deteriorate over time, which is why regular check ups and servicing are a crucial part of keeping your garage door working for a long time.

Leaving things too late, as we mention is never a good idea, as when the weather gets bad Garage Door technicians tend to be busy on the road repairing other people’s doors that have broken down, so you could be looking at a wait to get the right people to get everything working again. By making sure your garage door is ready for the weather now, before it really sets in means that you have the peace of mind that come the winter months your door will be able to withstand everything that mother nature throws at it, and of course, it can be much cheaper to pay for a service now, than an emergency repair later down the line.

If you look after your garage door, it will last longer, work better and be more cost effective, so book a service or garage door check today.