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New Year, New Garage Door? Things To Think About To Get The Perfect Garage Door.

As we welcome in a New Year, and what we hope is a much better year, we often take this time to think about changes that we can make to our homes.  Whether that’s with a view to selling up and moving on or simply making the place we live a nicer, more attractive place to be.

We see a large increase in enquiries during the early part of a New Year, primarily because customers have often been at home for a few days or weeks over Christmas and have finally had the down time to look at the things that need doing or need changing, and then set about getting quotes from businesses that can help make these changes happen. Because your garage is often left for a few months at the end of the year, as people start to open them up to store away things they do not need, problems and issues are often spotted that can result in needing a repair or replacement.

So, if this sounds like you and you’re ready to start 2024 with a new garage door, here are some things to consider before you start your search.

Choose Your Supplier Wisely

Our biggest bit of advice is don’t just rush into using the first company you find online, as it is better to speak to a few local garage door companies and then obtain quotes and get a feeling for the company in question. Speak to them on the phone or email them to ask the questions you need answered; you need a knowledgeable and informative company that knows exactly what they are doing and have a wealth of experience doing it.

The more time you take on this step, the better the outcome will be for you when you have your garage door installed, as your investment in finding the right company to use is just as important as your investment in the garage door itself.

Take Advice, Don’t Just Assume

You might think you know what type of garage door is going to be best for your property, but not listening to the experts can often be a mistake and one that you can avoid making.  As experts in the industry might be able to recommend something far more suitable and potentially cheaper as well.

This is why we never quote our customers until we have carried out a site inspection, as when we visit the property we can fully understand the exact requirements of our customer, but more importantly, we can see what will and won’t work for them and then sit down and go through all the options.  We know garage doors, so passing on our advice and recommendations is at the core of what we do as a business.

The Lowest Price Is Not Always The Best Option

We know that the past few years have been incredibly hard financially for so many people, which is why the option to take the cheapest quote with both hands can seem appealing, but the saying that ‘you only get what you pay for’ is often so very true. This is why we recommend you get a few quotes and compare them like for like, and if you get a quote that seems way too cheap or just not plausible, it is often better to avoid this one and set your sights a little bit higher in terms of what you pay.

Paying the cheapest amount can often mean the quality of the garage door could be poor, or the service and installation won’t be up to scratch, and then when you need support later down the line will you honestly still get it?

Order Early To Avoid Long Delays

Popular garage door companies often see a large influx of orders at the start of the year, so if you know you are looking for a garage door and want it soon, you really should be making those enquiries as soon as possible and getting a site visit booked. Because all of our garage doors are made to order with the manufacturer of choice, there are lead times on the actual door being made and delivered to us and then we need to book in the installation as well, so quite often we can be looking at 4 – 8 weeks before we can fit your garage door, especially during peak times.

This is why we recommend getting your quotes together now and then you can make a relaxed, well-informed decision about when you want to place the order and start enjoying your new garage door.

Choose Installation For Less Hassle

It can be really tempting to save a few pounds by just ordering a garage door and fitting it yourself, but this is the reason why we only offer supply and installation, as we know the horror stories of DIY attempts at fitting the garage door yourself.

If you choose a reputable local garage door company that offer installation, then they will take care of everything, and with years of experience fitting every type of garage door in every type of property, the knowledge and skills our fitting team have really is worth every extra bit of money that installation will cost you. On top of this, you are also going to have a higher level of warranty and guarantee, which means if anything does go wrong, you can get it sorted far quicker and often for free if the warranty covers the issue.