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Not Had Your Garage Door Serviced Recently? Here’s Why You Need To Book In A Service Now

Your garage door is much more than just a door to the place you store your car or more likely your possessions that you either don’t need at the moment or simply don’t have the space for inside your home.

In fact, your garage door can be quite a complex piece of equipment with many moving parts and if these parts stop working, then so will your garage door.  This could mean a costly repair and you in need of finding a professional to repair it quickly!

Your garage door is not just a way in and out of your garage.  When you invest in a high quality and secure garage door, you will be thinking about making sure your family are safe in terms of security and of course, making sure your belongings and possessions are kept too.

Whilst some people think that they are just chucking stuff they don’t want in their garage, a few  people might store their car, but more often things like bikes, household items, furniture and white goods which can all add up to a lot of value.

And of course, more and more people now use their garage as a gym or office, which is also going to mean you are actually keeping things in there that are of some considerable value.

There are some key elements to consider that can make it vulnerable to breaking down if it is not serviced or regularly looked after, such as:


You are going to be using your garage door, and whether that’s once or twice a day or once or twice a week, generally the point of the door is to open when you want access and to close and lock when you don’t.

As with any moving object, as you use it, it will lead to wear and tear and of course this is when the problems can start to build up.

The Elements

Living in the UK you will know that we go through huge cycles of weather, and whether that is seasonal, monthly, weekly or even daily, we can often see lots of wet weather, followed by very cold weather and in between we might get a bit of hot weather and even some snow, all of which your garage door has to endure and carry on working throughout.

Moving parts can be affected by extreme weather and extreme fluctuations in the temperature, which can start to affect the moving parts as time goes on, especially if they are not being serviced and being looked after.

Having your garage door serviced regularly will keep it working and also save you money in the long run.  If you do not find these problems early on, in the long term it could lead to your garage door being beyond repair and of course, the cost for a new garage door will far outweigh the cost of an annual service.

Manufacturer warranties are usually honoured if there is evidence of a regular door service.  Wear & tear is generally not covered so prevention is often better than a cure!

If you haven’t had your garage door serviced in a while, now is a good time to do it. Winter is a particularly important time to make sure your door is in good working order, as it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Reach out to your local garage door company and get that service booked in today!