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Side Hinge Garage Door Installer & Supplier

We offer a full range of side hinge doors, in a wide range of styles and product material type, meaning that if you need a side hinge door for your garage then we have the right one for you. As the name would suggest, these doors open outwards which means your property will need the correct clearance and area in front of your garage to allow them to open with enough room.

If you do not have enough room inside the garage to allow for internally opening doors, then this is a great choice, as all of the movement area is outwards, meaning that you need no internal room for this door to operate to full potential.

If you are looking for side hinge doors for your home or business, Dean Garage Doors are your local experts and should be your first point of call, as not only do we have the best products at the best prices, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the right garage door for your requirements.

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