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Spring Has Sprung, Have You Opened Your Garage Door?

The warmer weather is generally welcomed by everyone. With a long winter that is often full of rainy days, dark evenings, cold mornings and even the odder flutter or many feet of snow, when the warm weather comes along then we can all finally change our attention from avoiding the outside to actually enjoying it.

And of course, when the warm weather comes along, we often head to the garage, open it after many months to retrieve the lawnmower, the kids bikes or the sun loungers (wishful thinking) ready to enjoy the first glimpses of the extra-long days and to feel the heat on our back. And this is the point when we receive many calls about garage doors, with ones that won’t open, ones that are simply needing to be repaired or from people that decide now is the time to get rid of the old and invest in something new.

As only a fraction of people now store their cars in their garages, doors can often go for many months without being opened, and after harsh winters, cold and freezing weather and the wet, damp and murky days we endure in the UK, this can sometimes lead to damage, where main moving parts can take a bit of a battering. Which means the first time you come to open the garage door is really the first time you notice the problem.

Garages are now often used as storage spaces, a bit like lofts, which means that once the decorations are put away, or the summer toys and garden tools are locked away for the winter, you might not use it again for many for months. And of course, when you don’t use moveable parts, they can seize or get stuck, or they can simply give up if the problem has maybe been ongoing for some time and you have not noticed or have not had a chance to get things fixed.

For many, we are often on hand to fix the garage door, as if we can fix it then we most certainly will, as most repairs whilst not straightforward in many cases, are possible. A good percentage of our work is service and repair, with garage doors needing a professional service once a year, which can keep them in fine working order for the optimum lifetime and of course, spot any potentially serious issues before they become a much larger, and often a more costly repair or replacement.

Whilst we are mostly known in the local area for fitting amazingly beautiful new garage doors, we do attend a large amount of repair jobs as well, and with our team of engineers on hand to fix the majority of types and brands when it comes to garage doors, we are on your side when your garage door just won’t open when you need it to.

The first time you ring our office or email us with a problem, you will get to speak to one of highly experienced team, as we are a family run company which means we have a huge experience when it comes to garage doors, as it is pretty much all we talk about, even at home. We will often request a picture to make sure it is is something we can fix, or we can look to send one of our engineers out immediately in an emergency, but we will always try to give you an accurate idea of a price so that you know what the repair or service could cost.

So, if you’re stuck with a garage door that just won’t open, or you know your garage door needs a decent service, we can do that, so contact us today for more information.