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The Key Questions To Ask When Ordering A New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door is not your average purchase and generally not a purchase you will make on a regular basis, which is why it can be confusing and sometimes daunting when it comes to starting the hunt for a new garage door and a company that can install it for you.

If you are planning to fit the door on your own then this is one thing, but if you are buying from a Garage Door Supply and Installation firm in your local area, the first step of course is to find the right company for you. Some customers might like a big, national firm, whereas others are often more interested in working with a local, family run company like ourselves.

But, no matter what type of garage door firm you want to work with, there are key questions you should be asking before you place that order, and we cover them below.

Site Surveys

Ringing a garage door company, giving some measurements over the phone and then expecting your new garage door to be delivered and fit perfectly is a very common misconception. We make sure that all our customers receive a site survey before we authorise any orders, because we need to make sure that not only are the measurements spot on, but that the type of garage door the customer wants is going to be suitable for their property. Not all types of garage doors work on every property, so it is well worth utilising a site survey from your local garage door company to make sure you get something is not only right for you, but also fits perfectly.

Supply And Install

We offer the complete supply and installation service, but not all garage door companies do, so it is important you check this first. Some customers just want their garage door delivered and they do the rest, but the majority will want a garage door technician to do the hard work for them, as trying to successfully fit and install a garage door, especially an automated one or a more difficult installation can be a challenge even for the most experienced person, so make sure you know what you are getting before you buy.

Order Time

Because garage doors vary in size, type, colour and style, most garage doors we supply for customers are made to order. This means that there is often a 4 – 8 week order time, from the moment you order the door through to the day we can fit it. It is important you ask this question before you place the order, as if you are looking for a new garage door and you want it installed, there will generally be a wait time. If you need the door urgently but forget to ask how long it will take, then you could be waiting longer than you expected, which can of course cause you issues if you are desperate for your new door.

Customer Satisfaction

Make sure you know the sign off process on your order. This should be explained to you from the outset, but it is important you understand when you pay your order total, and when you are expected to sign on the dotted line that you are happy and the garage door has been installed to your satisfaction and the door supplied is everything you wanted. Check out some of the company online reviews and customer testimonials to make sure you avoid the really bad firms out there, as quite often if a garage door company is not so great, you can see it in the reviews and the general feedback that emerges from them.

The main thing is to always make sure you understand the process and have a realistic expectation when ordering a new garage door. As we mentioned right at the start, buying a new door is not a frequent purchase, and for some it could be a once in a lifetime purchase, so speak to people that you trust and ask the questions you want to.