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The Most Common Mistakes When Buying A New Garage Door And How To Avoid Them

Buying a new garage door sounds easy, doesn’t it? Afterall, a garage door is just that …. a garage door. In reality, choosing, buying and investing in a new garage door is often anything but a simple choice, with so many variants, types, styles, colours and fitting considerations – choosing a new garage door is not as easy as you may well think.

Even if you work in the building or construction trade, knowing every type of garage door, how suitable that type is for that property or knowing the many considerations that you must take into account when choosing and purchasing a new garage door is impossible. There are just so many things to consider, before you even get into the more aesthetical considerations like colour and finish, which is why it is so easy to make mistakes when it comes to getting a new garage door.

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to buying a new garage door is not measuring correctly. It is not easy to fully understand how to measure a garage door, as you need to take into consideration not just the physical size of the garage door needed, but also the side room (on either side of the door) and also the headroom (the space from the top of the opening to the lowest ceiling point). Due to the fact that a garage door is a moving object, all of these things have to be taken into consideration to make sure that your purchase not only fits correctly but works efficiently as well.

Another common mistake is not really knowing what type of garage door they need or require, as certain garage doors wont work correctly when fitted on certain properties. For example, if you have a sloped drive, a retractable garage door could be more suited for your property as they do not need as much room to come out over onto the drive as a side hinged garage door would, for example. Knowing what works on your property and of course what would not be suitable is not something most people would or should know, which is why getting a site survey from a garage door company is crucial to stop this kind of mistake from happening.

And then we move onto colour. You would not believe how many colours you can have your garage door in, in fact, the options are endless for some manufacturers who can match any colour you find to the colour of your new garage door. But of course, this can cause issues, as a yellow you think you like, by the time your new garage door is delivered to your home could well be the yellow you don’t like, or that does not really fit into your look of your home. A picture in a catalogue or online always looks a lot different when it comes to colour tone, which is why trying to visit a garage door showroom could be a good idea.

The final mistake people can make is going for the cheapest option and not really thinking about long term needs. For example, whilst you can handle a manual garage door now, in a few years’ time would an automated option not be a better solution for you and your family, which means as you grow older you can still use your garage door easily. Or, taking the cheapest quote instead of looking at exactly what the more expensive quote might have offered to you and therefore actually be better for you in the long run.