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Want To Automate Your Garage Door?

When it comes to a garage door, most people are used to the manual approach where you actually open the garage door using the handle, as there can be an assumption that an automatic door is only for people with “money” and is a luxury.

In fact, this could not be further from the truth, as the automation of garage doors has become more affordable over the past few years, with many garage door installation companies now offering this service at a price that many people can now afford. No longer is an automatic door an unaffordable luxury item that only the rich and the famous can have, as these days, automatic garage doors are more common than you may think.

There are many advantages of an automatic garage door, and these include:

Less Effort – No longer do you need to physically open your garage door, something that many of us take for granted, but as we get older the physical aspects of opening and shutting garage doors can start to take its tool. One click of a button and your garage door will open and then another will close it, without the need for manual opening at all.

Automatic Locking – No need to manually lock your garage door, as once the garage door is shut it locks, and the moment you press to open, the garage door will unlock, meaning that you will never forget to lock the garage door again. This means excellent security for your home and no worry, as if your garage door is closed, you know its locked.

Open From The Car / Externally – It’s raining, you have a load of shopping and the kids in the back, and you are wearing a really nice suit. An automatic garage door means you can open it from inside the car, and saves you, the kids and your shopping from taking a soaking, which in the UK, will be a very useful addition to your home indeed.

An automatic garage door really does offer the ultimate in convenience, as your door will open and close at the touch of a button, and with most doors coming with a couple of handsets, it means that whoever needs to open the door should be able to, as you can have one in the car and one at home, the perfect solution.

So, if automation sounds great, what do you need to do?

Your first step must be to contact your local garage door installation company, as they will be able to advise whether your garage door is suitable for automation, as not every garage door can be automated. They will be able to either tell you over the phone whether it can be done or cannot, or they will usually arrange a site visit or a site survey, which will require a garage door technician to attend your property and check what can be done.

They will then, if suitable, advise you of the costs to automate your garage door and what you need to do in preparation for this.

Then, all you need to do is make sure it is the right option and price for you and book the team into automate your garage door. Whilst they will always advise you about the time required to complete the process, it should not really take longer than a morning or afternoon, depending on the level of work required.