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What colour is your garage door?

When you picture a garage door in your mind’s eye – what colour is it?

A white one? Maybe that’s because there are so many standard, boring and bland white PVC doors around. It’s true, you do see them absolutely everywhere, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With such a stunning range of different doors available out there, including different opening styles and different finishes, you’re sure to find the right garage door to add that extra special finishing touch to your property.

White uPVC doors can be seen as characterless and sterile when that absolutely doesn’t have to be the case.  With many different designs, colours and finishes available out there, there’s no reason to go with plain white if you prefer a change. Garage doors cover quite an expanse of the front of a property, even the smallest garage door is generally 7’ x 6’6” so, depending on the size of your house, it could be a good 20% of the overall frontage.  If you’re going to be choosing and replacing a part of your property that faces outward like a billboard, then you want to be making the right choice. White is a classic choice if a little boring perhaps?

Your garage door really doesn’t have to be plain white

Popular colours include Anthracite Grey, Ruby Red, Moss Green and Steel Blue. Chartwell Green or Duck Egg Blue are lighter shades and offer a tranquil, vintage feel whereas Anthracite Grey can add a touch of class to a garage while a daring Ruby Red would help you stand out from the crowd! Choose a colour that matches the rest of your home, or offsets it nicely. There really is a huge range of beautiful colour choices available, and absolutely no reason to go with the standard white if you want your overall first impression to stand out from the neighbours.

Timber-look Finish

The more traditional material for doors and windows is wood which can look classic and beautiful. However, we live such busy lives these days (and, as none of us gets any younger) the maintenance of a wooden garage door can be quite off-putting with the thought of sanding and staining or painting (two coats – 5 hours apart!)  However, that no longer needs to be the case if you’d prefer a timber look without the hassle.  There are Decograin surfaces in the colours Golden Oak and Rosewood which have a convincingly real timber look. A special wear-resistant surface protection preserves the UV-resistant plastic film coating over a long time.  You can still enjoy the look of timber without the maintenance and they look indistinguishable at a distance from classic wooden doors.

So, you really don’t have to wait for your garage door to break down in order to save yourself time and effort with a very low maintenance, colourful, beautifully finished and fully operational replacement!

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