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Why A Local Company Is So Important When Choosing A Garage Door

Over the past few years there have been large government backed campaigns that have encouraged consumers to buy from local companies, as with the rise in online shopping and the increase in national, multi chain firms spreading across the country, local businesses can often get forgotten about.

There is often a misconception that buying from a local company is going to be more expensive, or that they won’t have the same level of product range as a bigger firm, but quite often, the opposite is true, as a local, independent company can often offer better margins and a more informed choice of stock and products, as they know more about the local area and the kind of products that their customers want and require.

When it comes to choosing a new garage door, using a local company is incredibly important for so many reasons.

The local knowledge of the area means that they can quickly attend your property and offer a site survey. You should never buy a garage door “off the peg” unless you are 100% certain of your measurements, as just being a few MM out in your measurements can mean that the new garage door does not fit properly or needs major adjustment to be fitted correctly, two scenarios that really need to be avoided.

They will generally have a better understanding of your property, which is important, as not all types of garage doors work for all properties, as there are so many factors that must be taken into consideration when it comes to which type of door you need. Most customers just know that they need a garage door, they do not really understand whether it needs to be a sectional, side hinged or whether it can be automated. This is where a local garage door company can offer superior knowledge, as they will know the local area and what will work for your home, often based on other similar homes that they have worked on previously.

Local businesses are often more specialised and have an excellent understanding of what they do, meaning that they can offer a dedicated service that is backed up by years of experience and knowledge working in the local area. Working with people that understand what you require and are of course accountable for the products and services that they supply is crucial, as the last thing you need is a dodgy product and a company that can wash their hands with the job because they are hundreds of miles away. A local company would not be trading very long if they offered a poor or substandard service, as word locally often spreads very quickly.

And this brings us onto our final point. A local company will have local reviews, testimonials and customer feedback, making it seem very real and associated with you, the customer. These reviews are much easier to clarify as true and correct and you can also associate the review with the job that has been carried out. For example, if Mrs Jones at number 82 says her new garage door is amazing and the company that fitted it were fantastic, you can easily see this as a real end result, just by driving by!

The important message about buying local is never assume it will be more expensive or that you will not get the same level of expertise or product range, as quite often, this could not be further from the truth.