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Why Are Some Roller Shutter Garage Doors So Much Cheaper Than Others?

When it comes to choosing a Roller Shutter Garage Door for your property, no doubt your research will involve looking around on the internet, gathering a couple of brochures and then having a chat with local garage door suppliers and left wondering just why they can vary so much in price.

Many people may assume that it is just a roller shutter garage door, and they are pretty much the same, do the same thing and therefore should be similar in price, but in fact, there can be a broad range of prices when it comes to this type of door, and with good reason, which we delve into in a bit more detail in our latest blog here.

Here are some of the key reasons why prices can vary for Roller Shutter Garage Doors.

Brand / Manufacturer

One of the biggest variations in price can be who the garage door is manufactured by, as like any product in the world, some brands cost more than others and usually with good reason. Doors at the lower price range tend to be made using 55mm laths which are weaker than the wider 77mm laths.  Whilst who makes your garage door might not be of concern to you, making sure you choose a brand/manufacturer that offers quality and longevity for your door is crucial, as it will give you that valuable peace of mind.


Every garage door is different when it comes to size and even with properties in a row, you can guarantee there would be different sized garage doors required for most of them, and whether that is a matter of a few centimetres or more, this can affect the price, as the bigger the door, the more you pay. The amount of headroom is also key above the lintel of the garage. Doors with


Manual operation will involve pushing the door open or pulling it closed by hand, and automated doors offer electric motor operation which opens and closes at the touch of a button using a remote handset. However, some companies have something called ‘hold to run’ where you must hold the button down until the door is fully open or closed and this can take up to 30 seconds or so. If you are looking for a true remote controlled roller shutter, then it is worth checking that you can simply press the button once, so the door glides open and closed swiftly without you having to hang around. Of course, manual doors will be cheaper as they do not contain the motorised parts needed for an electric garage door.

In the event of a power failure, if there is no other way in or out of the garage (a side door for instance) then an emergency release mechanism would be required. This is simply an override mechanism which can vary with each manufacturer. Spring assistance is also a welcome addition enabling you swift opening and closing of the door manually instead of having to use a crank handle which for the less able bodied, can take a while longer and can be physically challenging (especially if it is a double door!)


The higher quality roller shutter garage doors are often more secure as they are not only made with a thicker gauge steel for the laths which tend to be 77mm in depth as opposed to 55mm. You need to make sure your new garage door has a high-level security rating, as there is no point opting for a basic version that could be easily broken into, and you lose your possessions in your garage that you are trying to protect.

Exact Type / Quality

In summary, if you want a roller shutter door that is built to last and will provide true value for money, then you will be wanting to invest in a high-quality door with a good guarantee from a company that has been around long enough to know what it takes to get it right!