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Why Should You Consider An Insulated Garage Door?

When it comes to insulating your home and trying to make it as warm and energy efficient as possible, many people understand the need to invest in loft insulation and to some degree cavity wall insulation, but did you know that your garage door could also benefit from being insulated?

For most people that come to us looking for a new or replacement garage door, the surprise of knowing you can even get an insulated garage doors is one thing, but also knowing that they are an incredibly affordable investment is another, as we can supply and install a range of insulated garage doors at a far more cost effective price than you may imagine.

And when it comes to why bother with an insulated garage door, we have covered this with just a few of the key reasons below.

Extra Warmth For Your Garage

As many people no longer use their garages as a place to store cars, the need for heat in your gym, study, office or playroom (or as we call it, your garage!) has never been more important, as when you are not just storing your car there, you need it to be warm. Even if you are just using it to store household possessions, having a garage that is damp and cold is not going to do them any favours, and can lead to damage over the course of a few years.

Saving Money On Energy Bills

Energy prices are going up and up, there is no escaping the fact that every month or every year we feel the pinch in the pocket when it comes to heating our homes. But with a well-insulated garage door you can start to claw a few pounds back, as it is estimated that you could lose up to 20% of your heat from your property through your garage, which means you could be paying far more in energy bills than you should be in wasted energy use.

Extra Protection

Whether it’s an older car, gym equipment, kids toys or garden tools, having them left in a cold, damp and sometimes moist environment will lead to damage, which will shorten the life of the said item. And of course, you don’t want your belongings to get damaged just because they were stored in the garage. An insulated garage door offers far more protection in terms of keeping your belongings warm, dry and safe, which means you can feel free to store anything you want in the garage ….. within reason!

Smooth And Quiet

And our final point is that an insulated garage door often tends to be smoother and offers less vibration when being open and closed, which means less noise when you are trying to have a lie in, but the rest of the family need to get something out of the garage. The insulation within the garage door helps to reduce and dampen down any vibration along the door as well as help to keep outside noise at a minimum when the garage door is closed as well.

So, if you fancy the idea of an insulated garage door and want to know what options are available to you, give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements and book in a site survey for a free, no obligation quote.