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Why Side Hinged Garage Doors More Popular Than Ever

Side Hinged garage doors have seen a decent rise in popularity over the past 10 years across the industry, which is why we have seen an increase in demand from our own customers and year on year we are fitting more and more side hinged garage doors for our customers across Gloucestershire and South Wales.

So, what has led to this rise in popularity?

It is hard to pin point just one reason, but there is often a combination of factors that come into play when a product becomes more popular and in demand, and we take a look at these below.


Consumers are often led or at least influenced by other consumers, so if your neighbour has a new side hinged garage door and you like the look of it, this can lead you down the path to also wanting this kind or type of garage door. So, as more and more consumers have this type of door fitted, it becomes more visible on the market, which can help others that also want or need a new garage door to not only see that this type of garage door is available, but that it is also available for their requirements as well.

Change Of Use

Did you know that only 7% of garages are used for storing cars, which is a massive decrease over the past ten years, as years ago you kept your car in the garage and this was its primary purpose. More people now use their garages for storage, gyms, offices and even places to escape to for a bit of peace and quiet, and with this change of use comes the need for a garage door that acts just like a normal door and the side hinged option does just this. It is a space saving solution and can be fitted to the majority of garage spaces, which fully aligns itself for the change in usage of how we utilise our garages.


As our needs have changed in terms of how we use our garages, the way we need to use our garage doors have as well, as the older we get, the more we often struggle with the more traditional garage doors, as they can become a struggle to open up and over style. By having a garage door that literally opens like a normal door means that if you have a disability, are not as strong as you once were or maybe just struggle with lifting things, this type of door is absolutely perfect for your requirements.


This type of door used to be on the more expensive side, as it was not as common as the many alternative types on the market, but we can now price and install these doors at a more affordable rate than ever before. Like anything, as technology improves and demand rises, prices often fall inline with this change, making side hinged garage doors more affordable for most people.


Our final point, and something we see more often is that consumers are now more informed about what they want, whether that’s a certain style or even the brightest colour you have ever seen. Side hinged garage doors offer the one of the largest range of styles, finishes and colours of any type of garage door we can supply, meaning that these are one of the most customisable doors currently on the market, offering something suitable for nearly anyone that wants or needs a garage door.