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Why The Summer Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your Garage Door

When it comes to the UK’s official Summer, the “start” date was Friday 21st of June and it is due to come to an end on the 23rd of September, but for any of us that live in the UK know that our summer rarely falls into any strict or certain date range, and we enjoy any few days of sun that we can, never knowing how long it will last and when it will come again.

Even if we no longer seem to enjoy the 6 weeks of non-stop sun, high temperatures and a confident realisation that we can book a UK holiday and not spend 5 out of 7 days trapped in the caravan, Summer does bring along, in general, better weather, warmer climates and longer days, with the increased hours of light a massive bonus for all of us. So, whilst we might not get the guaranteed sunshine and lazy days by the beach, we at least know we should avoid snow, frost and the gales that often frequent us during the Autumn and Winter months.

The summer for most garage door companies, along with the Spring months, is a really busy time, as quite often it is the first time the garage door has been opened for some time, or people are now really taking stock of how their property looks and planning to start some serious renovation. When you go to use the garage door for the first time and it doesn’t open or bits of it are rusting a way, or even the handle decides to stay in your hand rather than on the door, you might then realise that it is now time to get a new garage door on order.

And during the summer months we tend to spend longer outdoors, going on walks, strolling around villages and towns, and we get to see things that we probably ignore during the winter time when we are trying to avoid getting soaked, wet and trying to not feel miserable. Things like a new garage door that the neighbour has had installed now start to stand out and we begin to wonder if maybe it is time we had a new garage door as well. We get many customers calling us who have recently seen one of our engineers installing a new garage door in Gloucestershire, Ross on Wye, Chepstow or Gloucester that not only love what we have done for their neighbour, but now see the benefit of what we could do for them as well.

The summer months are often the months of the year when we spend more time in the outside boundaries of our home, maybe having a cheeky BBQ and drink, and we start to see how wear and tear has affected the property over the years. Outside property renovations are often thought about at this time of year as we decide that yes, maybe a new garage door is needed, as the old one is letting down the property in terms of appearance. And if you have decided to have all your windows upgraded, your old, battered and worn garage door could be the let-down you want to avoid.

When it comes to property sales, the summer months are also the busiest for many estate agents, as this is the key time for moving home and trying to get into your new property before the colder weather sets in. Therefore, many people now decide to get a new garage door installed, as they know it can help them when selling their home, or their new property desperately needs a new door and there is an urgency to get it sorted. Increasing the value of your home can be achieved by investing in things like new garage doors and features, and likewise, when you move to a new property you want to know its secure and safe for your belongings.

So, whilst we cannot predict the sun and we cannot predict how long our summer will stay with us, now is a great time to speak to our team about a new garage door.