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Your Home And Your Security

Whilst burglaries and home break ins definitely rise during the winter as the mornings and evenings are darker and the extra prize of Christmas presents increases the reward for such criminals, there is no doubt your home is at threat all year round.

These days, few people keep their cars in the garage, and more use garages for storage, gym equipment, small offices and generally everything but parking your car overnight, which makes the chances of your garage being targeted far greater than ever before. As many garages have their own separate entrance, it can often seem easy pickings, as a garage can often be broken into without the need to enter the house where people could be sleeping, or alarms could be fitted.

Therefore, when there is an easy target, this makes it vulnerable, which means making sure your garage is secure is so important.

A Secure Garage Door

If you have a secure garage door that is quite obviously going to cause some serious effort to break into, this can often be a good enough deterrent for most criminals, as they are generally looking for the easy, get rich quick type of entries into a property. Therefore, if your garage door is beaten, damaged and it looks like it is going to be a simple smash and grab job, you are making their lives easier and making your property an even more appealing target. Investing in a new garage door does not just make your home look great, but it helps to increase security as well, two aspects that should be really considered.

A Garage Alarm

From your standard DIY box on the wall, through to real time live monitoring home alarm systems, an alarm can decrease your chances of being targeted by criminals, as we pointed out above, anything that makes their life harder or poses more of a risk of getting caught often makes them think twice about targeting your property. Alarm systems are far cheaper than they used to be, and they can be zoned or sectioned to cover the areas you need them to, and with keycode access and smart technology, they are often far easier to use than you might think.


Not many people like to be on camera, especially those that have something to hide, so it could be well worth getting a CCTV system installed on your property. These systems are nowhere near as expensive as they once were, and in fact, you can pick up a decent system for a relatively low price. Not only are CCTV systems a deterrent, but they can also capture vital evidence should your property suffer a burglary, and this can sometimes be used to bring those to justice later down the line. It is well worth investigating, as the more you can do to protect your property, the better.

Gates And Fences

Whilst you might not want to be a 20 foot high wall around your homes boundaries, having a decent fence and a locked gate can make access that little bit harder, and when it comes to homes being targeted, the easy option will always be the most likely, which is why the harder you make potential access, the better, and a sturdy fenced and locked gate can often go along way when it comes to home security.