Request a quote so you can begin to plan

If you are trying to work out the size of the garage door you will need, the handy guide below will help you to help us give you a fairly accurate price for a new garage door. This would always be subject to a site survey but of course, we appreciate most people would at least like an idea of whether it’s going to sit within their budget (always a good place to start!) 

If you have any questions then please contact us on 01594 833966 and we will be happy to help.

We can arrange a site visit to take accurate measurements and using our decades of experience, we know what obstacles to look out for but more importantly how to overcome them. We would then offer advice for the best solution and provide all the information you will need so you can make an informed decision when the time is right for you.

If you are getting a builder or architect involved – we are more than happy to liaise directly with them so we can ensure you avoid expensive mistakes at the outset.  Too many times we have arrived at a newly built or renovated garage to find that the garage opening has been built to a size that requires a purpose-made door and only adds to the expense! Call us with your builder or architects details and we will be happy to advise and guide (especially if it means saving you time and money!)